Poorboys New Zealand

Poorboys World Trim Restorer

Trim Restorer is a long lasting unique dressing, with a patented UV absorber for ultimate protection of exterior and interior surfaces. Restorer is unmatched on grained trim, bumpers, vinyl, leather, dashboards, tires and engine compartment plastics. A must for the enthusiast or show car.

  • Not Greasey or Sticky to touch
  • Dries to Touch
  • Long Lasting
  • Doesn't Streak
  • Apply in Sun or Shade
  • Ultra Violet Radiation Protector
  • Leaves a Pleasant Coconut Smell
  • Easy to Work With

Not Much Money! Oh But What A Shine!


Welcome to Poorboys New Zealand. Amongst this collection of Poorboys World products you will find the best quality, market leading detailing and cleaning products for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Specifically designed and manufactured in the USA from the finest quality ingredients to exceed the best and worst the New Zealand environment has to offer. To maintain that new vehicle look to your pride and joy.