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Super Slick & Suds is a very highly concentrated car shampoo with extra-ordinary lubricants, sufactants and suds to safely remove dirt and grime from a well maintained vehicle without stripping off wax or sealants. It is pH neutral (7). 

Add a cap full of product,  between a 1/4 and 1/2 ounce into a 4 gallon bucket and top up with luke warm water.  Stir and froth the water as it fills to activate to achieve a foam of bubbles.  Apply to the vehicle all over using a foam sponge or wash mitten starting at the top and working downwards.  That way you reduce the risk of picking up any grit from the lower parts of the vehicle and possibly scratching the surface.

Safe to use on all automotive surfaces. Super Slick & Suds makes drying a breeze.

A great product that will soon become a favourite of yours.


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