Poorboys New Zealand

Poorboys World Clay Bar

A relatively new product to the New Zealand cleaning and detailing market.  The product is designed to lift contaminants and impurities such as tree sap, road tar, salt, ingrained bird excrement, that have adherred to the vehicles paintwork.

Guidelines on how to use the Clay Bar

Working on a small area of approximately 0.5 meter square at a time,  The Clay Bar is rubbed against the paintwork in a straight forward and backward movement across the whole area to lift the contaminants from the surface.  The Clay Bar should be kept lubricated by one of the Poorboys Quick Detailers to keep the surface between the Clay Bar and the paintwork wet.  Occasionaly the Clay Bar will need to be turned over to seek a cleaner area as it.begins to lift the impurities to opptimise its effectivenesss.





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