Poorboys New Zealand

Poorboys World Bug Squash

A fast, safe, and easy way to remove Bug debris, tar, road grime, & winter salt and sand from car, trucks, motorcycles, planes , boats, and RV's.

Use it 3:1 for a normal pre-wash or stronger for heavily soiled areas. Simply spray over the affected area using the supplied Applicator Gun and allow the product to start to work. Best results are achieved on a cool surface and depending on the level of the contaminants leave for upto 5 minutes.  Simply wipe off using a foam sponge or wash mitten with water.  The bugs and debris will lift off the surface.  Illiminating the need to scub back and forth over the area and the possibility of scratching the surface.

A must for those awkward hard to reach areas between the front grill and light area where the debris collects. 

A must have for truck and delivery drivers.  Keep a 16oz bottle size stored in the vehicle.  Whip it out when refueling your vehicle and spray over the windscreen and allow to work, go pay for the gas and on your return wipe off with a damp sponge or cloth.  You will be impressed with the smear free and crystal clear finish.

Bug Squash is a product no car, bike or truck enthusiast should be without all year long!


Welcome to Poorboys New Zealand. Amongst this collection of Poorboys World products you will find the best quality, market leading detailing and cleaning products for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Specifically designed and manufactured in the USA from the finest quality ingredients to exceed the best and worst the New Zealand environment has to offer. To maintain that new vehicle look to your pride and joy.