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"'Not Much Money! Oh But What A Shine"

Written by Jeremy Longman — April 13, 2013



Really really impressed the products are so easy to use and the results are amazing.

June 16 2013

Mike Isle:

Hi Jeremy

Just some views on Poorboys Spray and Wipe.

I must admit to being sceptical about waterless washing the paintwork of my beloved beamer. I bought this product to use on my mag wheels after seeing it recommended on the Internet for that purpose. I had another brand, a wash and wax, for the paintwork. But this past weekend I decided to “test” Poorboys on the paint.

To say I am amazed and thrilled at the result is something of an understatement. The paint on that BMW is 19 years old (original) and, yes, I have looked after it; but the shine, as you can see, is outstanding. And this is after only one application of Poorboys! What is more I was able to use the same product on the paint, the plastic, the windows and, as originally intended, the wheels—all with the same superb effect. The ease of use is sublime and not a water spot anywhere.

So, congratulations on a terrific product. I am a convert to the brand and to the waterless concept. I am placing a repeat order this weekend.

Kind regards
Mike Isle.

September 02 2013


Ive been a mobile car valet for 17 years..i met Jeremy at a car show ..I have also been on an american car detailing site on the web that raved about poorboys products ..Well after trying the black hole glaze and the white diamond..i am totally amazed ..its the best polish ive ever used..easy on ..easy off..black car, white car, in the sun,..no swirl marks, in the black paint…i highly recommend this product ..BEST PRODUCT IVE USED..will certainly be trying further products
Dave Purdom
Inside Out mobile car valet

January 29 2014

Geoff Rawlings:

Hi Jeremy, Could you please contact me re leather products – Ph 021 748448 – Thanks, Geoff.

January 30 2014

Jeremy Longman:

Geoff I have tyres to call but guess your a very busy man. I have left you a voice mail message.

March 10 2014

graeme :

Hi I have been using the chemical guys stuff for a while and have come across this and would like to give it a try. Have a black car and a silver car to polish. my main goal is to remove some swirl marks just some fine marks so im thinking Super Swirl Remover 1.0 and 2.0 would be a good option. do you need to use another polish after using these swirl marks.. thanks for any help. also how much is shipping ?

September 09 2014

Jeremy Longman:

Hi Graeme
Your choice of Poorboys Super Swirl remover 1.0 and 2.0 are both ideal products for removing light scratches and swirl marks from all paint surfaces. After the treatment you really need to apply a quality wax or glaze. Poorboys stocks a variety of waxes and glazes. With Black Hole Glaze pacifically designed for Black and dark coloured paintwork. I trust this helps answer your questions. I have sent ad entailed email to you also. If you have any further questions please fire away.

September 15 2014

Bruce Lannam:

Hl Jeremy – I have a black car and would like a recommended system to bring up the shine & maintain it without a massive amount of ongoing work. also your Mag wheel polish looks good Any chance I could get some product before Xmas I live in Katikati so could come and get it
Regards Bruce Ph 027 473 5644

December 22 2014


Hey, wanting to try the poorboy black hole polish. Any chance of pick up tomorrow. Send me a text 0210506210 cheers

November 18 2015


Just tried Blackhole glaze on my Audi’s black bonnet. Only complaint is I had to do whole car as the bonnet looked amazing. I had been using Collonite waxes and they are good but Poorboys Blackhole glaze followed by Meguirs M21 sealant I now have a mirror finish. Next time will try a poorboys sealant. Have just ordered your wheel sealant looking forward to never having to clean them again .. joking.
Great service thanks

December 11 2015


Hi Jeremy – been recommended your product but how do I contact you. Could you please call on 0275042114

June 28 2016


Hi Jeremy
Do you have a carnauba wax/cleaner product or do you not recommend them?

March 09 2017


Hi Dean – Do you recommend SSR-3 for removing scratches etc from older car windows? Or something less abrasive?
Look forward to your reply

March 20 2017


Hi Jeremy, Can you recommend one of your products for removing what appears to be rain marks on the paintwork of a Japanese imported Jaguar S type. I have tried compounds of various types, but they do not seem to work on totally removing the marks.

August 26 2017


Hi Jeremy, Is this blog inactive? I have not had a reply to my question dated 26th August 2017 and see a few more dating back further with no responce? Just wanting to know which of the products to go with?

September 26 2017

Jeremy Longman:

Apologies to all who have had difficulty in contacting me via the blog page. I’ve been supporting my wife as she cares for her father who had terminal cancer. Unfortunately he lost his fight so I’m now back active once again.

January 12 2018

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